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如何運用顏色提升室內空間感?(下) | Colour Tricks to Make Room Look Spacious Part 2

by Will Yeung |

如何運用顏色提升室內空間感? (下)
飽和度 - 顧名思義,這代表顏色的濃烈程度。濃烈的顏色用得其所,可以為事務添上生氣,不過有些情況下,太濃烈的顏色會為我們帶來壓逼感,所以必須小心挑選。

S A T U R A T I O N - it is the intensity or purity of a color is known as saturation. While hue stands for a color, saturation is the intensity of a hue. High saturation on a Christmas card might make the recipient feel cheery, but it might not work as well on a wall. 

ziinlife furniture colour hand saturation不同的色彩給人不同的感覺,包括膨脹感、收縮感、前進感、後退感、上升感、下墜感等。因此,在佈置家居的第一步,挑選最佳牆面顏色很重要,尤其在香港這種寸金尺土的地方,好好利用顏色來營造視覺效果這一點非常重要。

Colours play trick with our minds, and can do wonders to our interiors. Colors give us various feelings, some make the space looks bigger and the ceiling higher, some achieves the exact opposite. From wall paint to furniture, it is important to choose the right colors in order to visually enlarge our space, especially in Hong Kong where it is known for tiny apartments.


For a small space, it is wise to apply colors that give a 'receding' feeling. Such feeling can be achieved by a color high in value, low in saturation and is a cold color. You'd want to avoid warm colors that are rich in value and saturation, such as red and yellow. These colors look as bright and hot as the sun, making us feel suffocated and squeezy. Besides wall colors, the same goes for choosing curtains and artwork to be hanged on the walls. 

ziinlife furniture Cold colors recommended for a small apartment
↑ 為小房間推薦的冷色系牆面顏色/Cold colors recommended for a small apartment


Comparing the two photos below, which wall seems closer to you? 

ziinlife furniture bedroom wall colour grey bigger than pink
↑ 暖灰色房間看似來大一點/The Grey room appears visually bigger than the red one


Another typical housing problem in Hong Kong is the low ceilings in many apartments. Luckily this can also be solved by playing with the right choice of color. When we choose our flooring, it is important that we understand the magic dark colors give us. Dark colors, such as dark brown, not only is it a popular choice used in many apartments in Hong Kong, it is also a color that gives off a ‘falling’ feeling. Dark colors are able to shift our focal point downward to create an illusion of a bigger space. 

ziinlife furniture pick wall colour desk table Dark colors creates bigger space

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Now that we’ve learned a bit about choosing the overall main colors for our homes, we will talk about the secondary focus which is choosing furniture next time! For now, maybe we can start paying some attention on all the colorful objects around us, and thinking about how they make us feel!  


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