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The best designers in the industry choose ziinlife

Renowned for sophistication and innovation, ziinlife is the definitive choice for industry-leading designers. We offer an exclusive range of project base customer loose furniture that perfectly balances aesthetic appeal with practicality. Our dedicated services cater to the unique needs of design professionals, ensuring every piece—from plush upholstery to sleek black metal bases—complements any visionary space. Choose ziinlife, where exceptional design meets unparalleled quality.

Dedicated Service

Our team of experts are committed to helping you bring your designs to reality.

Customized Solutions

Our team will assist you in finding creative solutions for your spaces.

Exclusive Offers

Our partners enjoy special discounts and exclusive deals.

Everything you need for beautiful, comfortable spaces

Every ziinlife piece is carefully designed and crafted, seamlessly blending traditional and contemporary styles. However, if you can’t find what you’re looking for we’ll happily work with you to discuss customization options.

Our Trusted Partners


"Since 2016, we have collaborated in multiple residential projects and ziinlife's management and delivery team never disappoint. We are glad that we have a creative furniture maker that provides beautiful and practical pieces as partners."

— JAAK Co-Founder Chau



"We selected ziinlife furniture because it echoes Loveramics’ core values of simplicity, functionality and beauty, while fusing a Scandinavian approach with traditional Eastern silhouettes."

— Founder William Lee



It is positioned as a boutique designer youth hotel to create an emphatic youth art space. Compared with conventional hotels, Forest has a super-configured space and design which ziinlife designs perfectly fit in.


20 well-known designers in the industry were specially invited to carefully create the Cuiyunsan resort project, thus launching a wonderful journey of using design to help the Winter Olympics 2021.