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如何運用顏色提升室內空間感?(上) | Colour Tricks to Make Room Look Spacious Part 1

by Presidio Creative |

如何運用顏色提升室內空間感?  (上)


裝修第一步 - 油牆。挑選顏色的大前提當然是自己或家人喜歡的顏色。但除了喜歡以外,其實還有一些細節令家居變得好看之餘,也能給我們視覺特效!顏色雖然是2D,但它有足夠能力使圍繞家居的立體空間產生變化。

The first thing most people do after moving into a new home is to pick a paint color for the walls. Reasonably enough, most people go for a color they or their family members like. But aside from your favorite color, there are other considerations we should factor in. Color is a magical thing that can play a trick on our eyes and give us amazing optical illusions. Remember: being practical is as important as looking good.


ziinlife furniture bedroom wall colour red grey


In this blog entry, I have included a few essential and simple rules for choosing the right color. Once you learn the tricks, you can easily turn your apartment into your dream home!


Before we talk about mixing and matching, let's first get to know the three basic elements of colors, which are: value, hue and saturation.

ziinlife furniture pick wall colour value hue and saturation明度 - 這是用來形容顏色的光暗程度。假設你將一個帶有灰色的濾鏡放在某個顏色之上,顏色會隨之變暗。不同程度的灰色影響顏色的明暗程度,這就是顏色的明度。明度的重要性在於它能有效地為空間製做視覺效果;換言之,在挑選顏色的同時,要懂得選擇合適的明度,這樣才能令空間看起來更寬躺、更舒適。

V A L U E - it can be understood as the lightness or darkness of a color. Imagine placing a greyscale (a range of white, grey and black) filter on top of a color, the lightness of the color changes depending on the intensity of the grey placed on it.
Choosing the correct color value can help create spatial illusions, that's why it is important to correctly match your furniture and paint.

色相 - 最簡單地,色相可以理解為「顏色」。什麼顏色併在一起好看,如何將兩種或以上顏色放在一起來營造和諧感覺,應該是大家最常考慮到的問題。顏色互相輝映,就是「互補色」。比如說,在一間牆面是深藍色的房間,放進一些橙色的傢俱或佈置品,可以令房間的藍色變得突出,因為橙色和藍色是對方的「互補色」,它們是很合適的一組配搭。以下圖表列出了一些其他顏色的互補色,給大家參考一下:

H U E - it refers to a 'pure color', one that has not been added white or black to it. Basically, choosing the right hue, or color for your home is an essential part of decorating.
When choosing a hue, you want to consider the amount and importance of the hue. You also want to learn how colors compliment each other. For a room that is painted blue, you'd want to add a bit of its complementary color, orange, to make the blue stand out. 

Here's a list of colors that compliment each other: 


ziinlife furniture pick wall colour hue
↑互補色即圓形圖表上對著面的顏色/complimentary colors are the ones opposite to each other on the pie


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