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如何令愛居歷久常新?- 木傢俱保養貼士(下) | Wood Furniture Cleaning & Care Tips Part 2

by Will Yeung |

如何令愛居歷久常新? (下)  |  How to Keep Your Home Feeling Fresh Part 2

承上一篇文章如何令愛居歷久常新? (上)


刮花時使用補色筆 | Color in Scratches With a Pen

Accidental scratches are unavoidable. Fortunately, this is an easy fix! First, find a pen that matches or is similar to the color of your furniture. Then color in the scratches along the grain. For more severe damage, you can apply a paste filler to fill the whole. Once the paste is dry, use sandpaper to smooth out the service. Finish the job once the paste has fully dried and color in the filler.

ziinlife furniture Color in Scratches With a Pen

Photo from Unsplash

注意存放環境 | Adjust the Environment


When wood furniture is exposed to direct sunlight, the color will fade and may become damaged. You should also avoid placing wood furniture near cold air as this will dry out the wood and cause cracking.

ziinlife furniture hong kong kwun tong wood furniture wooden

覆蓋木傢俱表面 | Cover the Surface


Wood furniture should be covered with a soft fabric to avoid excessive damage caused by the hard object. Take a dining table, for example, covering the table with a tablecloth can protect it from extreme temperatures that are harmful to the wood. You could also place a cushion a wooden chair to avoid deformation after long term use.

ziinlife furniture use tablecloth to cover the wood furniture wooden  tables

Photo from Unsplash

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