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天然方法抗家居潮濕(下) | Natural Ways To Remove Mold From Home (Part 2)

天然方法抗家居潮濕(下) 報紙吸濕,將報紙稍微揉搓,鋪在需要吸濕的地方上。想衣服加快乾,可把報紙卷曲掛在衣架中間,還能防止衣服被蟲咬,因為昆蟲不敢靠近報紙上的油墨。把報紙貼在玻璃窗可防止霧水結聚,用報紙輕擦表面,更可擦亮玻璃窗。 不同材質的傢俱在潮濕天氣也應採取不同的應對方法: 皮質傢俱方面,可用乾的綿布抹去表面濕氣,再加以皮革專用的保養油。真皮梳化可放適量乾燥劑以保持乾爽。 No More Macaron Sofa 木質傢俱方面,同樣是以乾的綿布擦拭外部,如果表面未經特別處理,最好掃一層髹漆阻擋水氣滲透。 Hold Bed  Hold Bedstand Side Wardrobe 布藝傢俱方面,可用暖風機、冷氣把布藝傢俱吹乾,或以風筒的熱風烘乾。 Nifty Sofa (Triple) 金屬傢俱方面,有機會因水氣而出現生鏽的情況,這時可用牙刷沾防鏽劑刷除,再用乾布抹乾。                       Side Mirror                             Freestyle Cabinet 清潔家居方面,可以用香茅加水,煮沸後抹地有驅蟲之效,因春天溫暖潮濕,令家居容易滋生蟲子。另外,鹽水抹地也是一個不錯的方法,因鹽有令水氣快乾的功效,潮濕天氣在溫水中加入鹽抹地令地板更乾爽。加入適量的白醋,更可加強殺菌功效。 Do you often struggle with high humidity levels at home? Humidity can be incredibly uncomfortable and it can even lead to health problems in some cases. Luckily, there are some ways you can keep humidity levels at home low and make your environment more comfortable. Here are some tips on how to do it:  1. Use an Air Conditioner - Air conditioners are a great way to control humidity levels at home. Air conditioners work by removing excess moisture from the air, so they can help keep humidity at the desired level.  2. Invest in a Dehumidifier - If air conditioning isn't an option for you, consider investing in a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers help absorb moisture from the air and can keep the humidity levels low in a more natural way.  3. Ventilate Your Home - Opening windows and other areas that let fresh air into the home can help keep humidity levels down. In fact, having fresh air circulating in your home can even help keep mold and mildew away.  4. Dry Clothes Outdoors - Clothes dryers are a common cause of indoor humidity, so consider drying your clothes outside whenever possible. It'll be a nice break from the indoors and you won't have to worry about indoor humidity levels getting too high.  5. Keep the Bathroom Doors Closed - Bathrooms tend to produce a lot of humidity, so try to keep the doors closed when you're not in the room.  Following these simple tips can help keep your home's humidity levels at a comfortable level. Good luck and stay comfortable!