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懸掛壁畫座右銘 | Hanging wall painting motto

by yukavin |

There is no doubt that wall art is the perfect addition to any room, it adds personality to dress up a blank wall almost completing the entire look. But one thing you may be asking is: What is the right way to hang a wall art? The right way to hang wall art, 5 simple rules.
1. Choose the right size
The first rule is that your artwork should span two-thirds of the width of the furniture hanging above it. If you are hanging a single piece of art above a 9-foot wide sofa, your wall art should be about 6 feet wide.
2. Find the right height
Usually artwork should be hung at eye level. Since everyone's height varies, a safer option is to hang the wall decor so that the midpoint is about 60 inches above the floor. It should also be located about four to six inches above the furniture, so keep this in mind when choosing the height of your artwork.
3. Hanging multiples
When hanging multiple pieces of artwork, the easiest technique is to treat them as one piece of artwork and then follow all the same rules. So the collection should span two-thirds of the furniture, with the midpoint 60 inches above the floor. Another thing to remember here is to leave about 2 to 5 inches of space between each piece.
4. Gallery Wall
Once again you will want to consider the collection as a whole and follow all the same rules. In this case, however, keep the distance between each piece to one or two inches. The gallery wall will look best when each piece is close to the next, and this will give you more room to use more artwork.
5. Shelves
Prefer the tiered look of shelves? Just follow all the same rules for hanging wall art the right way. When using a single shelf, hang the shelf about 4 to 6 inches above the height of the furniture. Then layer the various sizes of artwork so that the midpoint of the largest artwork is about 60 inches above the floor. If you are using double shelves, simply hang the highest shelf 60 inches above the floor. Then hang the lowest shelf so that it is about four to six inches above the furniture. Be careful to choose smaller pieces for layering, as this will reduce the height.
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