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刷新房屋設計的3種小妙法 | 3 small ways to refresh the design of the house

by yukavin |

隨著2021年臨近,許多房主都渴望進行屋企大變身 。如果您渴望新事物,但又不想浪費您的金錢,請考慮以下裝飾技巧,無需過多努力即可刷新您的家庭空間。

With 2021 approaching, many homeowners are eager to make a big change in their home businesses. If you're eager for something new but don't want to waste your money, consider the following decorating tips to refresh your home space without too much effort.
從空白開始,進行設計選擇就容易得多。但是住了很久的住家,擺脫一切並重新開始並不總是那麼容易。相反僅進行整理可以有所幫助。成堆的文件,裝滿雜誌的籃子甚至是一些備受喜愛的家具都可能使同一個空間雜亂無章,使人們難以享受在那裡的生活。當您要刷新的房間時,請確定您現有的東西是否在應該的地方出現 。某些物件可以移到其他空間,進而改變房間的外觀。

1. Organize
It's much easier to make design choices when you start with a blank slate. But after living in a home for a long time, it's not always easy to get rid of everything and start over. Instead, just organizing can help. Piles of papers, baskets full of magazines and even some favorite furniture can clutter the same space and make it difficult to enjoy living there. When you're refreshing a room, make sure your existing things are where they should be. Some objects can be moved to other spaces to change the look of the room.
如果您始終以相同的方式設置家具,則可能是時候進行更換了。大型家具,例如沙發,電視櫃和茶几,通常用作家庭空間的焦點。重新佈置時,可以完全改變房間的感覺。例如不要讓您的所有座位都面對電視,而應嘗試創建不一樣的 Chill Area,以促進客人或家人之間的融合。
2. Consider a new footprint
If you have always set up your furniture in the same way, it may be time to replace it. Large furniture, such as sofas, TV cabinets and coffee tables, are often used as the focal point of a home space. When rearranging, you can completely change the feel of the room. Instead of having all your seats facing the TV, for example, try creating a different Chill Area to promote integration between guests or family.
有時刷新房間所需要做的只是一件新家具或裝飾品 。如桌子上擺放檯燈或花瓶之類的簡單物件,讓您感覺像是全新的。如果您有預算,舒適的扶手椅可以是您一直在尋找的理想座椅選擇。 另外簡單的顏色更改可以使房間的整體設計煥然一新。

3. Buy new things
Sometimes all it takes to refresh a room is a new piece of furniture or decor. Something as simple as a table lamp or vase on the table can make you feel like you're brand new. If you have the budget, a comfortable armchair can be the ideal seating option you've been looking for. Another simple color change can refresh the overall design of a room.
人們常常會以為您需要徹底翻修房間才能刷新房間。相反簡單的更改和設計選擇會產生很大的影響。如果您需要專業Decorator 的幫助,請立即聯繫我們的專業銷售員 。
People often think you need to completely renovate a room in order to refresh it. Instead, simple changes and design choices can make a big difference. If you need the help of a professional Decorator, please contact our professional sales staff today.
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