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躺椅 手動或電動好? | Recliner manual or electric which is good?

by yukavin |

有誰不想放一張躺椅躺椅在美國20年代初次面世,由最初固定角度款,演變到今天的多角度手動或電動款。當中最位經典的當讓是5,60年代大師級作品Eames Lounge Chair。
Who does not want to put a lounge chair in the United States in the 1920s when it was first introduced, from the initial fixed-angle models, evolved to today's multi-angle manual or electric models. Among them, the most bit classic when let is 5, 60s masterpiece Eames Lounge Chair.
Why do you need a lounge chair in your home? There are too many benefits, such as helping blood circulation, relaxation and stress reduction, etc.. But first of all, you have to find a comfortable and suitable for your style of seat. Is manual or electric better? We've categorized them here so you can make the best decision for your home.

The difference between an electric recliner and a manual recliner is simple: one is electric and the other is not. An electric recliner allows you to easily push buttons and tilt. It usually needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet. Manual recliners use a mechanism that requires your body weight to tilt backwards. Usually, you put your hands on the armrests as a lever to push back.
Electric Recliner
電動躺椅最明顯的優點是簡單易用 而且可以調教多角度。這是為一生中喜歡一點奢侈的人而設計的。 如果您有家庭影院,那麼電動躺椅將是一個很好的選擇。

The most obvious advantage of the electric recliner is that it is easy to use and can be adjusted to multiple angles. It is designed for people who like a little luxury in their lives. If you have a home theater, then the electric recliner will be a good choice.

第二個缺點是 , 因多角度實際,機械部份多,小孩或寵物會有發生意外的風險。

The first disadvantage is that most power recliners require close proximity to an electrical outlet unless you need a plug near you. And because they are electric, so the service life may be different from manual recliners.

The second disadvantage is that, because of the multi-angle actual, mechanical parts, children or pets will have the risk of accidents.
Manual Recliner

手動躺椅比電動躺椅更加輕鬆自在-它們可以在您家中的任何地方使用,它們的體積也較小, 耐用性強及有多款傳統的款式。

Manual recliners are more relaxed than electric recliners - they can be used anywhere in your home, they are smaller, durable and come in a variety of traditional styles.

Manual recliner disadvantage is usually only one angle can be adjusted
Stay With Me Sofa 是Ziinlife 在2019年推出的一款手動躺椅。這張椅設計最突出的一定是流線型的扶手,把原本肥肥的身體變苗條了。這個扶手也是整張椅子機械部份的靈魂。
Stay With Me Sofa is a manual recliner Ziinlife launched in 2019. The most prominent feature of this chair design must be the streamlined armrests, which make the original fat body slimmer. This armrest is also the soul of the mechanical part of the whole chair.
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