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納米梳化噴劑 | Nano Combing Spray

by yukavin |


面對現實吧,沙發可能是您為自己的房屋進行的最大家具投資之一。它也可能是您家中使用最頻繁的家具之一,這意味著無論您有多小心,它都可能遭受食物或飲料的污染 。但是我知道有個簡單的DIY面料保護提示可幫助我們保護沙發,並以最少的時間和精力使其保持新的外觀。


我很幸運能與Nasiol 合作。他們是您見過的最好的防污噴劑,這是一種易於使用的織物或羊皮保護噴霧劑。在那之前我從未聽說過它,但是一旦使用它,我便成為它的忠實粉絲。

關於Nasiol Home Tex 我喜歡這個( ITEM )總有原因

* 它無味(我過去使用過的其他流行的織物保護噴霧劑都不是這樣)
* 排斥水,油和其他類型的污漬
* 它具有出色的耐污性
* 不會妨礙布料透氣
* 提供紫外線防護
* 而且不含漂白劑,刺激性化學物質 如何使用Nasiol 保護噴霧劑處理沙發

1. 確保你的織物是乾淨的 。
2. 開噴霧瓶,使其距離織物表面6-8英寸,並噴霧沙發或沙發套的整個表面。
3. 讓織物風乾24 小時。

Nano odorless spray, a spray all over the territory spray

Let's face it, the couch is probably one of the biggest furniture investments you'll ever make in your home. It's also probably one of the most frequently used pieces of furniture in your home, which means that no matter how careful you are, it can be contaminated by food or drink. But I know there is a simple DIY fabric protection tip that can help us protect our sofas and keep them looking new with minimal time and effort.

The best way to protect your sofa is...

I am very fortunate to work with Nasiol. They are the best stain spray you will ever see, and it is an easy to use fabric or sheepskin protection spray. I had never heard of it until then, but once I used it, I became a huge fan.

About Nasiol Home Tex I like this (ITEM) for a number of reasons

* It's odorless (which is not the case with other popular fabric protector sprays I've used in the past)
* It repels water, oil and other types of stains
* It has excellent stain resistance
* It doesn't impede fabric breathability
* Provides UV protection
* And contains no bleach, harsh chemicals How to use Nasiol Protective Spray on sofas

1. Make sure your fabric is clean.
2. Open the spray bottle so that it is 6-8 inches from the surface of the fabric and spray the entire surface of the sofa or sofa cover.
Allow the fabric to air dry for 24 hours.

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