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我們如何選擇合適尺寸的沙發 | How we choose the right size sofa

by yukavin |

有趣的事實是香港人平均每天花2.5到3.5個小時在沙發上看電視。 但是無論您時間是否達到以上平均水平,更重要的是,它應該是適合您的生活方式和空間的合適沙發。幸運的是我們為您介紹沙發和沙發的不同尺寸和選項,以更好地了解哪種產品最適合您。

The interesting fact is that the average Hong Kong person spends 2.5 to 3.5 hours a day watching TV on the sofa. But whether or not your time is at the above average, it is more important that it should be the right sofa for your lifestyle and space. Fortunately, we've introduced you to the different sizes and options of sofas and sectionals to get a better idea of which product is best for you.
中佬嬉皮士最愛Nifty沙發 (Nifty sofa)
Size: 62 inches long x 35 inches deep x 35.5 inches high
A double seat ranges in size from 52" to 72" and can easily accommodate two people. The seat cushion is usually a single seat cushion, or two separate seat cushions.

新婚最愛Turtle NeckTriple 標準沙發
Newlywed favoriteTurtle NeckTriple Standard Sofa
Size: 82 inches long x 36 inches deep x 40 inches high

You can't go wrong. The standard sofa will provide you with plenty of space. It will allow you to sit in rows with your grandparents or be the key to your main living room design. A standard sofa will typically have three seat cushions and an average length of about 86 inches. If you plan to place a coffee table in front of the sofa, make sure it's between 12 and 18 inches to allow enough leg room.
大家庭最愛 Lisa組合沙發 
Big Family Favorites Lisa Combination Sofa
Size: It's hard to say - resizing depends on how you configure it

A sectional sofa is the perfect "home sofa". When considering this option, give yourself plenty of time to plan and measure the space in your room. Unlike a standard sofa, these sections are made up of several separate parts and can be placed in multiple locations. Usually the layout is L-shaped, with the left armrest or the right armrest as the main shape. Unlike loveseats and traditional sofas, there is virtually no standard size for the combination section, as this type of sofa has enough flexibility to fit any larger space.
A family of three loves Recess sofa bed
Size (sofa): 78 inches long x 33 inches deep x 39 inches high
沙發非常適合親子玩樂 ,也可以成為多功能家具。白天它是一張漂亮的沙發,到了晚上它變成了一張整齊的床。請記住要留出足夠的空間來擴展隱藏床。

The sofa is very suitable for parent-child fun, and can also become multi-functional furniture. During the day it is a beautiful sofa, at night it becomes a neat bed. Please remember to leave enough space to expand the hidden bed.
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how can we choose the right sofa
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