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玄關的奧秘 | The Mystery of entryway

by yukavin |

The entryway is arguably one of the least used areas of the home, but it's the first place you and your guests will see when you walk in. To help you make the most of your entryway space, we've put together some helpful tips to help you make the most of it.
我們都知道走廊通常不是家庭中最實用地方之一 ,但這並不是說它們仍然無法容納您最喜歡的家具 。


測量家具的走廊時,最重要的注意事項是確保有足夠的空間走動。 理想情況下您需要在家具之間或家具與相對的牆壁之間留出60-75厘米的距離。

How to Measure Your Hallway Space
We all know that hallways aren't usually one of the most functional places in a home, but that doesn't mean they can't still accommodate your favorite furniture.

Before moving on to styling your hallway, it's worth taking some time to measure the available floor and wall space, jotting down these measurements and writing them down on paper.

The most important thing to keep in mind when measuring furniture for a hallway is to make sure there is enough room to move around. Ideally you need to leave 60-75 cm between furniture or between furniture and opposing walls.
仔細選擇每一件物件,把精美的家具放置在您的走廊裏。Cloud Cabinet提供了一個整理重要物品的絕妙空間。
Use narrow storage features
Cloud Cabinet provides a wonderful space for organizing important items.


此外您們也可以考慮以下建議放在走廊,把以下單元插入其中。 整潔的地方放置Day Day Up Ladder 把外套掛在此處 。鞋子可放在Look After Shoes Cabinet ,以及配置 Sunrise Stool 或 1+1Folding Bench 放在旁邊 ,它可以幫助您穿上和脫下鞋子及設定為座位區,這是進出您的進門的絕佳的歇腳庭。 您們的走廊單元不僅功能強大且節省空間,還為該多功能空間帶來了真正的個性和風格。

You can also consider the following suggestions for the hallway by inserting the following units into it. A neat place to put the Day Day Up Ladder and hang your jacket there. Shoes can be placed in the Look After Shoes Cabinet, as well as the Sunrise Stool or 1+1Folding Bench on the side, which can help you put on and take off your shoes and set up the seating area, which is a great place to rest when entering and leaving your entrance. Your hallway unit is not only functional and space-saving, it also brings true personality and style to this versatile space.
照明是走廊設計中經常被忽視的元素,對於您的入口的外觀和感覺極為重要。 選擇Chips Lamp較亮的照明吊燈,把玄關的黑暗中營造出燈光空間幻覺。

Light up your entrance
Lighting is an often overlooked element of hallway design and is critical to the look and feel of your entryway. Choose Chips Lamp for brighter lighting to create the illusion of a lighted space in the darkness of your entryway.

增加鏡子確實可以使小空間變得更大。 由於走廊通常較暗,因此Floral Mirror 鏡子也可以幫助反射光線,使以前陰暗的房間更明亮,更誘人。

Create space with mirrors
Adding mirrors can really make a small space bigger. Since hallways are often dark, Floral Mirror mirrors can also help reflect light, making previously dark rooms brighter and more inviting.


Bold colors
We recommend that you be bolder in your color choices and add color accents to make your entrance look both interesting and exciting.
設計走廊佈局時,要記住的最重要的事情是保持其盡可能的簡約。 保持整潔有序,將有助於為您營造一個時尚達人。 如果您是一個喜歡展示很多自己喜歡的物品的人,那麼將這些物品留在家中的其他地方可能是最好的。

Keep it simple
The most important thing to remember when designing a hallway layout is to keep it as simple as possible. Keeping it neat and organized will help you create a fashionista. If you are someone who likes to display a lot of your favorite items, it may be best to leave them elsewhere in your home.
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