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電視機的位置提示 | TV location tips

by yukavin |

無論您是剛剛搬進新屋還是正在重置擺放家具,您可能會問自己的許多問題之一是:“我應該把電視放在哪裡?” 隨著電視變得更大,更寬,甚至彎曲,找到它的理想位置變得越來越困難。



2. 空間

您可能還需要確保您的電視位置不會影響您的觀看。如果您採用投影電視, 投影距離差異可能會顯得模糊,因此請確保您可以從距離及各個角度都能完美觀看電視。

26英寸屏幕= 3到5.5英尺
32英寸屏幕= 4至6.5英尺
37英寸屏幕= 4.5至7.5英尺
40英寸屏幕= 5至8.5英尺
46英寸屏幕= 6至9.5英尺
52英寸屏幕= 6.5至11英尺
58英寸屏幕= 7至12英尺
65英寸屏幕= 8至13.5英尺
70英寸屏幕= 9至15英尺




Whether you've just moved into a new house or are in the process of rearranging your furniture, one of the many questions you may ask yourself is, "Where should I put my TV?" As TVs get bigger, wider, and even curvier, finding the perfect spot for it becomes more and more difficult.
Things to consider when placing a TV When placing a TV, consider the following 2 factors.

1. Room
Pay attention to the layout of the room. Where are the windows and doors located on the walls? Ideally, you want to place the TV in a high traffic area and at an angle so that the sunlight from the windows does not reflect on the screen. Experiment carefully before finding studs and drilling holes in the walls.

2. Space
Today's TVs are no longer the size they used to be. With 8K and higher resolution TVs coming into your house, you'll have to make room for optimal visual enjoyment.

You may also need to make sure your TV is positioned so that it doesn't interfere with your viewing. If you are using a projection TV, the difference in projection distance may be blurred, so make sure you can view the TV perfectly from all angles and distances.
How far away from the screen should the sofa be in your living room layout? This measurement will tell you which size TV is most suitable.

TV Viewing Distance Correlation Table
26" screen = 3 to 5.5 feet
32" screen = 4 to 6.5 feet
37" screen = 4.5 to 7.5 feet
40-inch screen = 5 to 8.5 feet
46-inch screen = 6 to 9.5 feet
52-inch screen = 6.5 to 11 feet
58-inch screen = 7 to 12 feet
65-inch screen = 8 to 13.5 feet
70-inch screen = 9 to 15 feet

The recommended viewing distance is 2.5 times the diagonal length of the TV. For HDTVs 1.5 times the length may be more appropriate.

TV Wall Mount - Where is the best location?

Whether you decide to mount your TV on a TV cabinet or on a wall, the optimal height for your TV is practically the same - the viewing height is the same for someone sitting on the couch. Typically, this means that regardless of the size of the TV, the center of the TV should be about 42 inches above the floor. The purpose is to allow the viewer to relax without fear of neck strain.
Find more information about TV cabinets at the following website:
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