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共享空間雙層床 | Shared Space Bunk Bed

by yukavin |


您需要確保天花板足夠高。在大多數情況下,8尺或更高的天花板就可以了。如果將雙層床放在靠近燈光的地方,請考慮使用LED燈泡,因為它們不會變熱。當然您也需要確保床鋪上有護欄,以防止頂部當在睡覺的時候滾落床 。此外請確保安全固定梯子以安全攀爬。大多數人將雙層床視為兩張雙層單人床。但實際上加多點創意就提供更多空間, 善用自己的地方。

Shared space bunk beds are pretty much the best thing ever. They save space, the kids love them, and they happen to be really cute. As it turns out, they offer a lot of options. You can even use them outside of your teenager. Here, you will find all the information you need to know through the bunk bed guide.

Bunk bed height
You need to make sure that the ceiling is high enough. In most cases, a ceiling height of 8 feet or higher will be fine. If placing the bunk bed close to lights, consider using LED bulbs as they don't get hot. Of course you also need to make sure there are guardrails on the bed to prevent the top from rolling off the bed when sleeping. Also make sure to secure a ladder for safe climbing. Most people think of a bunk bed as two single bunk beds. But in reality, adding a little more creativity provides more space to make the best use of your own place.
如大家想要有關雙層床的資訊可以隨時致電或whats App 查詢。
If you want information about bunk beds, please feel free to call or whats App for more information.
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