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床褥知多D |Know more about mattress knowledge

by yukavin |


We are often asked: Do you really need to change your mattress every 8 years? Ultimately, changing your mattress has nothing to do with how long you've had it, but rather the condition of it. Today we discuss how often you should change your mattress.

How often should you change your mattress?
Generally speaking, many sleep experts recommend replacing your mattress approximately every 6 to 8 years. When deciding when to replace your mattress, you should focus less on how long you have been using it and more on the current condition of the mattress and the quality of your sleep.

Your mattress is showing signs of wear and tear
In particular, if you do not regularly turn or rotate your mattress, you may notice visible signs of wear even after several years of use. For example, if you notice gaps, sags or dents in your mattress that are affecting your comfort, it may be time to start shopping for a new mattress. After purchasing a new mattress, be sure to perform proper mattress maintenance.

You're not having trouble sleeping through the night
While there are many reasons why you may not be sleeping through the night, this lack of sleep may indicate that you need a new mattress. If you find yourself constantly tossing, turning or waking up with pain, then your mattress may be causing your sleep problems.
Your mattress is stained
While we all know that stains on your mattress can be unsightly, you may not know that excessive stains also promote the growth of mold and microorganisms that can lead to health problems. If not, make sure you're using a mattress protector, which can help prevent stains in the first place.

You sleep better elsewhere
Since we sleep in bed almost every night, it can be hard to notice the subtle changes that occur on our mattresses as time passes. If you find yourself in a hotel or someone else's home where you can sleep easily, it may be time to start shopping for a new mattress.
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