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如何選擇Bar凳 /Bar 枱 | How to Choose Bar Stool / Bar Table

by yukavin |

When buying a new Bar stool, you need to ask yourself a few questions to make sure you find the best fit for you and your family's needs. Taking some time to think about what you need before you start spending a lot of money can save you headaches in the long run and prevent feeling remorseful. Now we'll help you break it down one by one.     
* 您主要關心的是觀賞角度,還是主要在乎舒適度?
* 您是否想要靠背的Bar凳,或者正在尋找更多經典的Bar凳外觀? 
1. Function over fashion
Seriously consider your priorities
* Are you primarily concerned with viewing angles or comfort?
* Do you want a bar stool with a backrest, or are you looking for a more classic bar stool look?
您的Bar凳不僅應與廚房的吧枱兼容,還應與廚房的整體室內設計兼容。例如 : 白色,黑色和淺棕色等. . . . . 。Sleeve Bar Stool橡木顏色為主的的Bar凳易於配搭用途廣泛,可以很好地與大多數Bar枱和當今大多數室內設計的整體主題完美搭配。 
2. Play with color
Your bar stools should be compatible not only with the kitchen bar, but also with the overall interior design of the kitchen. For example: white, black and light brown etc.. . . . . Sleeve Bar Stool oak color-based bar stool is easy to match with a wide range of uses, can be well with most bar tables and most of the overall theme of today's interior design perfect match.
選擇Bar凳或Bar 枱時,請確保其高度與枱的高度匹配。首先測量吧枱從頂部到地板的高度。差異應為+/- 2 -3 CM。這種高度差異就是我們通常在餐桌和辦公桌上所擁有的高度。因此這是我們已經習慣的舒適的高度差。如果您要購買帶有扶手的吧椅,那麼請務必注意扶手的高度,如果您需要將它們藏在台下面。高腳凳的高度可能是整個購買過程中最令人困惑的部分之一。通常這是因為我們許多人都以錯誤的假設來購買吧椅。按照吧台的高度通常在100 CM左右。 下面我們列出了座位高度和桌子之間的標準尺寸。 
3. Height is important
When choosing a bar stool or bar table, make sure that the height matches the height of the table. First measure the height of the bar table from the top to the floor. The difference should be +/- 2 -3 CM. This height difference is the height that we usually have at the dining table and office table. So this is the height difference we are used to being comfortable with. If you are buying bar stools with arms, then be sure to pay attention to the height of the arms if you need to hide them under the table. The height of a high stool can be one of the most confusing parts of the entire buying process. Usually this is because many of us buy bar stools with the wrong assumptions. The height of the bar is usually around 100 CM. Below we have listed the standard dimensions between the seat height and the table.
餐桌高度 :73 - 75 CM
椅子或凳子的高度 : 43 - 45CM
Bar枱適當約: 100 - 105 CM
Bar凳的高度: 72 -75 CM 
Height of dining table :73 - 75 CM
Height of chair or stool : 43 - 45 CM
Bar table proper: 100 - 105 CM
Bar stool height: 72 - 75 CM
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