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保持織物家具清潔的方法 | Ways to keep fabric furniture clean

by yukavin |

Ways to keep your fabric and furniture clean


The world is in crisis and despite everyone's efforts to ensure the safety of their homes, indulge in keeping them clean. The fact is that basic techniques such as mopping and dusting happen almost every day. While it is easy to clean completely solid objects such as wood, plastic or metal, some other things may take some extra effort. One of these is your fabric furniture. If you think that fabric furniture is too damaged, then you can also buy furniture online. Your sofa and other fabric covered items will require extra attention. Especially your sofa, because you never know what's caught between the cushions.

Don't panic! Here are some tips to help you clean your fabric furniture.


1. Protection, prevention
It is important to protect your sofa from dust, especially as the color of the fabric fades. If the dust is not washed or cleaned, it can easily settle in the pores of the fabric and continue to accumulate in the pores. The best way to avoid dust falling on fabric furniture is to cover it with a cloth or bed sheet. This will not only prevent dust from entering, but also prevent stains from spilling out.

您們可以用Nasiol Multi Purpose Cleaner 噴劑噴在織物,然後用毛巾輕輕擦拭。它能去除油脂灰塵, 污垢, 甚至以前的殘留的污漬。使用後表面也能恢復到原來的外觀。您可以使用Nasiol Clean之前用吸塵機,吸走表面上的塵埃 。

2. Cleaning stains
You can spray the fabric with Nasiol Multi Purpose Cleaner spray and wipe it gently with a towel. It removes greasy dirt, grime, and even residual stains from the past. The surface is also restored to its original appearance after use. You can use a vacuum cleaner before using Nasiol Clean to remove the dust from the surface.

3.座墊 / 靠墊

3. Seat Cushion / Cushion
After using the sofa every day, you can put a blanket over the cushion, so that the cushion will remain comfortable and free of excessive dust. If you think the fabric furniture is really damaged and can no longer be cleaned, you must replace it with new furniture.

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