A wardrobe for those who are always on the go --

Material > Oak Wood

Installation > 15 mins

Size > W90 x D43 x H14.7 (extend to 168) cm

We are faced with a dilemma of Ì_Ì_ÌÐkeepingÌ_Ì_åÈ or Ì_Ì_ÌÐletting goÌ_Ì_åÈ every time we move from one place to another. Part of us want to travel light, whereas the other part is hoping to bring with us everything that we love.

This is when Moving Wardrobe was born Ì_Ì_̱ a versatile design that keeps you company, wherever you go.

Beautiful and versatile, Moving Wardrobe lives with you solemnly as a wardrobe, holds your drinks to as a coffee table, or goes far away with you as a suitcase.

Moving Wardrobe can be quickly assembled into a small coffee table with just a few easy steps. Its removable legs and frames can be taken off and hidden inside the body and transform into a suitcase in no time. The leather handle gives the suitcase an exquisite appearance.

As years go by, your surroundings may change; but Moving Wardrobe will be with you through thick and thin, forever and ever.

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