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June 2015

Ziinlife ✕ OPEN HOUSE ✕ Common Ground
Ziinlife HK is in collaboration with OPEN HOUSE to begin a unique home experience.

Ziinlife ✕ OPEN HOUSE ✕ Common Ground
Joining the party on Grand Opening Day is Common Ground, the one­of­its­kind café
started by the twins just downstairs of OPEN HOUSE. They will revamp their in­house
décor with Ziinlife signature ITrust Stool, as well as a myriad of furniture items that will
surely spice up the venue. 

Hug Ziinlife, win Ziinlife furniture
From 12th to 21th June, “Hug Ziinlife”, an Instagram campaign will be launched. It will be an exciting chance to win one of Ziinlife’s long list of furniture. To join this contest, simply take a photograph of you embracing a furniture item at Ziinlife POP UP store or Common Ground, then upload to Instagram with a hashtag “#ziinlifehk”.
The lucky winner will be invited to receive the selected furniture as a prize.

Address and contact
1/F, 19 Shing Wong Street, Central