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2022 最受歡迎ziinlife Top 5 | 2022 Most Popular ziinlife Top 5

by cs ziinlife |


ziinlife Designs Online Hong kong is the place to go for stylish and modern furniture pieces that are guaranteed to give your home a fresh, new look. With our vast selection of furniture and accessories, you are sure to find something that fits your style and budget.
As we approach 2023, we have put together a list of the top five sales from ziinlife furniture design, so you can start the new year off right with a few stylish pieces.

ziinlife設計的家具保證讓您的家煥然一新。憑藉我們種類繁多的家具和配飾,您一定會找到適合您的風格和預算的東西。隨著2023年的臨近,我們整理了一份 ziinlife在過一年去銷量前五名的清單,讓您可以用幾件ziinlife開始美好的新一年。



NO 5: Recess Sofa Bed

The iconic and simple design of the ziinlife Recess Sofa Bed  makes it the perfect essential to any living room or even study room. As a best seller for the past 3 years, its functional and compact design is sure to fit even the most crowded spaces. With a new pet friendly fabric, this sofa is both practical and beautiful. So if you are looking for an extra bed when friends sleepover and a daily comfortable sofa to enjoy Netflix with family,  Recess Sofa Bed is the perfect choice.

ziinlife Recess Sofa Bed 標誌性的簡約設計使其成為任何客廳甚至書房的完美必備品。作為過去3年的最暢銷產品,其實用而緊湊的設計定能適應最擁擠的空間。這款沙發採用新型寵物友好型面料,既實用又美觀。因此,如果您正在尋找朋友過夜時的加床和日常舒適的沙發與家人一起欣賞Netflix,嵌入式沙發床是您的完美選擇

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NO 4: Benesse Cabinet

The Benesse Cabinet from ziinlife Designs is a modern, simple and functional piece that can add extra storage space without sacrificing beauty and elegance. The lower part of the cabinet can be used as a storage, working island, while the upper part can be used to display your favourite glassware. It's also a great alternative to a traditional sideboard, adding a touch of modern design to your home. With its sleek design and clean lines, it will give any room a sophisticated, modern look. Whether you're looking for something classic or something more contemporary, the Benesse Cabinet from ziinlife is sure to become the centrepiece of your home decor.

直島櫃是一款現代、簡約且實用的產品,可以在不犧牲美觀和優雅的情況下增加額外的存儲空間。櫃子的下部可作為儲物、工作島,而上部則可用來展示您最喜歡的玻璃器皿。它也是傳統餐具櫃的絕佳替代品,可為您的家增添一絲現代設計氣息。憑藉其時尚的設計和簡潔的線條,它將為任何房間帶來精緻、現代的外觀。無論您是在尋找經典還是更現代的東西,ziinlife 的 Benesse直島櫃一定會成為您家居裝飾的核心。

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NO 3: Dimension Table

The perfect dining table is the one that not only looks beautiful in your dining room, but also offers modern functionality. Ziinlife offers a range of stylish and functional dining tables to suit every style of home. The one stand out in 2022 is The Dimension Table. Its oval shape takes up less visual space than a traditional rectangular table, while still being able to fit more people around it. Crafted with durable sintered stone top, it is scratch-resistant, making it ideal for busy households. With its sleek design and sophisticated look, the Dimension Table will add the perfect finishing touch to any dining room . Available in 160 and 180cm, White and Black color options.  

完美的餐桌能令您餐變得更漂亮。 Ziinlife 提供一系列時尚而實用的餐桌,以適應各種家居風格。 2022 年脫穎而出的是維度表。它的橢圓形比傳統的長方形桌子佔用更少的視覺空間,同時仍能容納更多的人。它採用耐用的燒結石檯面製成,防刮擦,非常適合忙碌的家庭。憑藉其時尚的設計和精緻的外觀,Dimension Table 將為任何餐廳增添完美的點睛之筆。有 160 和 180 厘米、白色和黑色可供選擇。

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NO 2: H Chair

Combining Polywood, stainless steel and leather, the perfect choice for anyone looking to recreate the mid-century look in their home. With its visual impulse of modernism, this furniture piece is a great way to introduce a modern yet simple and functional design to any living room or dining room. 
It exceeded our expectation how our fans love it, 50 pieces pre order were sold out in the first day, Sept 6 2022.  We are working hard with production, please be patient!  Whether you are a collector of retro furnishings or someone in search of the epitome of mid-century design for your home, you will love the H chair.

結合了膠合板、不銹鋼和皮革,是任何想要在家中重現中世紀風貌的人的完美選擇。這款家具具有現代主義的視覺衝擊力,是將現代而簡單且實用的設計引入任何客廳或餐廳的絕佳方式。出乎我們的意料,粉絲們對它的喜愛程度,2022年9月6日第一天預購50件就賣完了。我們正在努力製作中,請耐心等待!無論您是複古家具的收藏家,還是正在為您的家尋找中世紀設計縮影的人,您都會喜歡 H 椅。

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NO 1: Stay With Me Sofa

Adding a lounge chair to your living space is a great way to create a modern, simple, and functional design. Winner for 2022 Best selling items: Stay With Me Sofa, and yes, it's a lounge chair.

Stay With Me Lounge Chair, designed perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, and any other space that you want to make more comfortable. This stylish lounge chair features a premium micro-fiber fabric that is durable, easy to clean and stain-resistant, making it ideal for everyday use. It also comes with multiple layers of high elastic sponge which provide comfort and support, allowing you to relax in ultimate comfort.

With its mechanism design, this lounge chair can be extended in lying position with no hustle. Whether you need additional seating or just want to spruce up your interior décor, this contemporary piece is sure to fit right in. 

在您的生活空間中添加一把休閒椅是打造現代、簡約且實用的設計的絕佳方式。 2022 年最暢銷產品的獲勝者:Stay With Me Sofa,是的,它是一張休閒椅。 Stay With Me 休閒椅,專為臥室、客廳和任何其他您想要更舒適的空間而設計。這款時尚的休閒椅採用優質超細纖維面料製成,經久耐用、易於清潔且防污,非常適合日常使用。它還配有多層高彈性海綿,提供舒適和支撐,讓您在極致舒適中放鬆。憑藉其機械設計,這款休閒椅可以在躺著的位置輕鬆伸展。無論您是需要額外的座位,還是只是想美化您的室內裝飾,這款現代風格的躺椅一定會適合您。


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