Material >
Polyester (fabric)
High-density foam (filling)
Oak Wood (base)

Installation > Fully Assemble

Size > W189 x D90 x H81 cm

Lets be together whenever we want!

Together Sofa is a soft and comfortable combination sofa. It might look puffy, but Together Sofa is nevertheless flexible inside and out! The sofa’s parts can be easily removed and assembled, enabling it to be both a simple sofa and a L-shape seater. 

Asymmetrical, Together Sofa creates a kind of balance that comes from its movements. One handle is a storage and another can be removed to form a coffee table. How convenient is that!

The handles on each side of the sofa are designed to misalign for flexibility. Backrest and seating cushions can exchange their positions for you to adjust its orientation. If you put more than one sofa together, you can form an L-shape sofa that looks good and feels coherent. And that is the true meaning of 'togetherness'.

The softness of Together Sofa spreads from its backrest to seating cushions and handles. Sitting on a sofa like this feels like a nice warm hug at the end of each long day.

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