The art of stretching --

Material >
Polyester (fabric)
High-density foam (filling)
Solid Wood & Metal (base)

Installation > 5 mins

Size > L112 (extend to 221) x W79 x H92cm

Perfect for small spaces, Stretch Sofa Bed provides you with a way to relax in your favorite corner at home. Stretch Sofa can also be easily converted into a bed to accommodate the many sleepovers you intend to have with your beloved friends.

Simply pull out the supporting board, then unfold the cushion and you are ready to rest on this compact solution of a bed.

To make it even cozier, both visually and physically, there is a geometric tray by the bedside for placing books, drinks, and snacks, all at your convenience.The side tray and sofaÌ_Ì_åÈs backrest can be easily disassembled and moved out of the way as you desire.

Think outside the box, and surprises are always just around the corner. Sleep tight, and dream your favorite dreams.

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