Material > 
Beech Wood (Frame)
Iron & Stainless Steel (Base)

Installation > Fully Assembled

Size > W62 x D29 x H167cm


Square or round, we’re all geometric.

Like its name suggests, Geometric Screen is inspired by a 3D geometric form that uses simple optical illusions to play a visual game with us.

Square Geometric Screen is made of one plane of rhombus shapes, and two other twisted planes. From the front it looks like a cube, and as our perspectives change, it becomes geometric shapes of different forms.

Round Geometric Screen is formed like an arch. Combining a main pole with stretchy fabric, it transforms a flat surface into an arch-like tunnel as if it’s inviting us all in.

The frames of Geometric Screen are made of wood and metal, and can be easily dissembled.  Portraying a 3-dimensional illusion by means of flat surfaces, Geometric Screen is defined by its meticulous craftsmanship, simple frames, and complicated angles.

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