Material > Wood & Metal

Installation > Fully assembled

Size > W53.5 x D46 (fold 41.5) x H70.5 cm



When thoughts and inspirations are having a dance with this chair.

Cha-cha Chair always looks like it’s dancing: sometimes reserved, sometimes cheery, just like our minds when we’re in deep thoughts.

We want Cha-cha Chair to be a space-saving working chair that is elegant, comfortable, and unconventional. The metal legs of Cha-cha Chair tilt slightly outward to get the best grip on the floor. The wooden seat and back are also made for best comfort.

Cha-cha Chair is also foldable and stackable, making sure it’s truly space-saving.

Easily foldable, Cha-cha Chairs moves like a lively dancer to satisfy your desire for a good chair.