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CURIOUS DESK Table ziinlife
CURIOUS DESK Table ziinlife Default Title
CURIOUS DESK Table ziinlife
CURIOUS DESK Table ziinlife


$7,599.00 HKD
好奇的小不點想知道,於是踏上一小截 台階,探頭張望。 ”原來大人的世界是這樣的!” 好奇書桌用一個小梯子, 構建了這個有愛的場景。


Curiosity, the ladder leading kids to our world --

Inspired by the curiosity of children, Curious Desk is designed to fulfill every child's eagerness to find out what's really happening on the desktop of the grown ups. With help of the ladder attached to the side of the desk, children are allowed to step up and have a look into the adult world.

The uniquely designed ladder provided children with a way into a world unknown to them, one that connects two generations through interactions and understandings.

The top two levels of the ladder are designed to function as a bookshelf to provide more storage space for your workstation. Curious Desk opens a door to a world that is full of wonders; keep it unlocked, keep exploring.

L120 x W57 x H74


Oak wood +E0 Plywood with veneer

15 mins




Unique ladder design

Unique ladder design

Inspired by the curiosity of children, the ladder shelving can be used to display books and other workspace items.
Hidden cable management

Hidden cable management

The hidden wire compartment can help you keep your workspace tidy.

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