April 13, 2017


We're exhibitionists!

It’s been a while since I last wrote, miss us yet? 

Tbh the past few weeks have been quite hectic for us, having to first participate in Design Shanghai, and then a symposium and booth in Shenzhen right after. But the outcome was great, and we are very thankful for everything. 

Let me just cut to the chase and show you some photos of the events: 

Ziinlife at Design Shanghai 2017

As the world's most prestigious international design events, there were about 46,000 visitors at Design Shanghai this year. The entire convention was housed inside this amazing post-colonial mansion that used to be the Sino-Soviet Friendship Building; in its best neoclassical architectural style, the Exhibition Centre now majestically stands in the heart of Shanghai, providing space to numerous large-scale local and international conventions related to art, design and fashion.

Ziinlife at Design Shanghai 2017

Participating in Design Shanghai has always been a pleasure; not only is it a showcase of Ziinlife's latest design, we also get to mingle with some of the world's most leading design brands, such as HAY, Morosso, and Vitra. Whereas the convention is divided into three sections - contemporary, classic and collectibles - we are given this great opportunity to get inspirations as well as exchanging ideas with our fellow designers. 

This year, we exhibited our latest collection Stretch Your Mind that really did stretch our minds. In a matter of just a few days, we were exposed to a great number of innovative brands, people and ideas, got fully inspired, and to top it all off, gained experiences that will always remain in Ziinlife's history and our memories. To be honest, what more can we ask for?






能夠成為設計上海的參展商之一永遠都是一種榮幸,因為這是設計權威所對我們的一種肯定。作為參展商不單令我們有機會展出ziinlife的新系列,更令我們有機會與世界上其他的著名設計品牌聚首一堂,例如HAY, Morosso, Vitra等等。而會場亦分起了三個部分,分別是contemporaryclassiccollectibles-我們則可以籍此嘗試探索新靈感及與其他設計師集思廣益一番。

今年,我們展出了ziinlife最新的系列Stretch Your Mind,名符其名,它們真的具有舒展心靈的功效。只是數天的時間,我們已經接觸到不少有具有創意的公司,設計師,及意念,最重要的是,這些經歷及體驗都會保留於ziinlife的歷史及我們的回憶當中。老實說,我們還能要求什麼?

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