February 23, 2017


The world underneath

Have you ever wondered what the world looks like in the eyes of children? When they look at our world, what do they see? 

As days go by, our curiosity never runs dry. One day at the Ziinlife Creative Corner (aka the pantry) we thought, "why don't we explore the world of the little humans, wouldn't that be inspiring?", which led to an elaborated process of sketching, planning, discussing, and prototyping, which eventually led to the birth of Small World Table. 

Unlike any other dining table, Small World Table is more than a surface for your meals. On the other side of the table top, you'll discover a cushion attached to it, and that's where the 'small world' unfolds. 

Let's admit it, children are fun and cute, but they are also weird. They do strange things that we cannot understand because we are very 'adult'. We're so used to thinking with logics, and acting with reasons that as a result we are bound within our knowledge and experiences. Whereas children see the world as a gigantic playground, they see possibilities that are invisible to us. Therefore to them, a table is never just a table. 

Children are not limited in the concept of space. When they play, their presence can be anywhere - such as under the table. You don't tell a child to stay in the confine of a table top just because it seems normal to you; when children go under a table, it becomes a new world to them. It becomes where they play out the characters and scenarios in their imaginations: it can be the wild west, the unknown universe, or the deep blue ocean; when children play, everything becomes their own little world. 

Small World Table explores exactly that. The world only a child can see, and literally a safe one with cushions to protect their heads. It doesn't matter what a table is to us, it is always something different in the eyes of a child. And that is the beauty of it all. 

Maybe one day, we all ought to get under the table and into the imaginary world hidden within our consciousness. 








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