April 13, 2017


Easter Fun Facts

I have a habit of, what my friends would call, "reading nonsense" on the Internet before I fall asleep. In my defense though, some 'nonsense' can be pretty educational, such as these fun facts I've read about Easter. One particular fact that amused me the most is that 76% of people eat the ears on the chocolate bunny first, while only 5% go for the feet. For me though, I've always had a difficult time consuming a chocolate bunny because it's just soooo cute! 

I don't have any big plan for Easter weekend but all of us at ziinlife will just chill in our Kwun Tong showroom so if you're in town, feel free to pay us a visit and perhaps I can share more of my Easter fun facts with you :) 

Last but not least, I want to bring to your attention our latest 'jetso'! From now until April 17, we will offer FREE Premium Service upon any purchase of ziinlife products! Premium Service means free delivery and free installation, a very attractive deal no?

HINT: Bulky furniture means higher delivery and installation cost, but now with our special promotion, I'm sure you know what to do ;) Don't miss out, and have a Happy Easter! 

PS. If you happen to eat a chocolate bunny, do let us know if you consume it head first or feet first ;) 

小編有一個習慣,朋友們都稱這個習慣為非理性閱讀-說到尾就是不甘心太早入睡於是不斷遊走在互聯網世界。當然我也要為自己進行辯護,這些所謂非理性閱讀的學術養分還是挺高的,就像以下有關復活節的趣味數據。其中一個令我忍俊不禁的研究就是統計著當我們收到慶祝復活節的賓尼兔朱古力時,究竟會率先將牠身體的那一個部分放進口呢?調查顯示原來大家對賓尼兔的大耳朵情有獨鍾,有76%的食家會先吃牠們的耳朵,但到底是左耳裹是右耳受歡迎就沒有詳細論述:P 同時研究亦指出只有5%受訪者會先選擇進食賓尼兔的腿部...是生怕牠們跳得太多所以朱古力亦比較粗糙嗎?相信只有他們才知道事實的真相。對我而言,把朱古力兔放進口裡是一件困難非常的事因為它們實在太可愛了!

說到復活節,不知道大家在該週末有沒有節目呢?而我們ziinlife團隊當然會全員留在香港的總部-觀塘巧明街的體驗店與大家一起分享節日的快樂!如果大家沒有打算到外國去一趟短暫旅遊,不妨前來我們的體驗店,讓小編分享更多有趣的復活節故事予你們每一位 :)


 小貼士:龐大的傢俬所需要的運費和安裝費會更高,但基於我們的特別復活節推薦優惠,你們應該比我更清楚怎樣才能得到最多的著數“ ;) 不要錯過這個少有的機會!祝大家復活節快樂!

P.S. 如果你真的有機會吃賓尼兔朱古力,記得告訴我們你會先吃他們的上半身裹是下半身 :P


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