February 03, 2017



Kung Hei Fat Choy! I hope everyone had a good rest during Chinese New Year! 

So, a couple weeks ago Ziinlife was featured on a TVB show 安樂蝸 and our “Dai Lo” Lik was talking about several pieces of Ziinlife’s creation so eloquently we were all like WOW and OMG as we watched our Ziinlife ‘babes’ (furniture and Jeff included) appear on one of the biggest TV channels in Asia. 

Big shout outs to 安樂蝸 for featuring us and appreciating our design. As a modern furniture brand, we strive to rid ‘boredom’ off our lives by bringing uniqueness into our homes. Says who furniture needs to be geometric with sharp corners? Nobody, really. That’s why we are inspired to go with a different approach — and therefore, the curve lines. 

Of course we understand that being ‘different’ has a price to pay, yet we’re totally willing to, because we value the importance of originality and creativity. We aim for something special, something bigger than we allow ourselves to discover. As a Canto saying goes, “we’re no different than a salty fish if we don’t dream big”, am I right? 

恭喜發財 ! 祝大家有一個愉快的農曆新年!

數星期前,Ziinlife 接受無視電視J2節目 “安樂蝸“ 採訪。訪問當中,Ziinlife「大佬」Lik為觀眾介紹不少Ziinlife獨有的傢俱。能夠在亞洲其中一個最大的電視頻道上看見吱音的傢俱,感覺難以形容。每一件Ziinlife的傢俱由設計到出售,都是公司上下每位同事的心血結晶,能在電視屏幕上看到“他“和“它“都令我們感到妙不堪言。

在此,我們十分感謝 ”安樂蝸” 的到訪及對Ziinlife傢俱的賞識。作為一個時尚傢俱品牌,我們希望每一位客人能透過擺設我們設計的傢俱從而褪去生活上的倦悶,並添上獨有的色彩。誰說一件傢俱必須是幾何形狀或是四周起角?好像沒有人說過。于是,我們突破常規-為傢俱帶來曲線。

當然,我們意識到,作為一個獨特的傢俱品牌需要付出更多,並遇到更高的風險;不過我們樂意至極,因為我們比任何人都看重創意和原創性。我們旨于獨特,與眾不同,並逾越所有我們所見的一事一物。就如我們經常聽到的一句電影對白:「人沒有夢想,就跟鹹魚沒兩樣 」,對嗎?

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