April 13, 2017


Shenzhen here we come :)

As soon as we wrapped up the eventful days at Design Shanghai, as a team of restless creatives, we almost immediately flew to Shenzhen to participate in another design fair to showcase our latest collections!

The highlight of our Shenzhen trip, however, had to be the fashion show and speech given by our company's founder Lily. The idea of combining fashion and modern furniture might sound a bit bewildering to you, but it actually makes a lot of sense if I try to explain...

Since the start of ziinlife in 2013 in Shanghai, we have been striving to bring original and innovative furniture to the homes of everyone who shares our visions of aesthetics. Like our fashion counterpart, we are inspired to change the way we look at originality and creativity; we have hope of raising the awareness of good design, as well as making it part of our everyday lives. Furniture is not only a utility but also a form of art, that when we sit on our chair or lie on our bed, we take a moment to appreciate the lines and curves that form the object that interacts with our bodies and lives. 

There have been both good and hard times, but above it all, we are thankful to be loved and supported by so many and to see Lily speak about the story of ziinlife truly brought back lots of memories.

While memories flowed a fun story about love came to my mind:

One day, a couple came to our showroom and both really loved our "no more macaroon sofa" as it's a "couple sofa". They didn't buy them at the end though. A few days later, the boy came back and purchased the sofa set as a Valentine's Day surprise. Coincidentally on the next day, we found another order of the same sofa set. Out of curiosity, we checked the delivery address of to order and to everyone's surprise, the delivery address is same as the boy's!! Which means the couple both secretly came back to buy the set respectively, and meant for them as a surprise for the other half! Lovely story but we were not gonna deliver the redundant set, were we? So without telling the couple, we secretly canceled one order for them and only delivered one set at the end. A week after the couple came to the showroom to tell us how much they laughed when they saw the sofas at home!

What was our reply? Well, with ziinlife, everything is a surprise to be!






一天,一對情侶前來我們的體驗店,而目光很快就被我們的“No More Macaroon Sofa”所吸引,因為它們著實是一對情侶梳化。然而他們最後都沒有任何意圖想下訂單。數天之後,該男生獨自前來並買了這雙梳化作為情人節給予對方的一個驚喜。巧合地,第二天我們發現網上出現了一張同樣是買同一組梳化的訂單。出於好奇,我們查看了一下送貨地址,然後都驚呆了,因為該地址竟然與前一天男生所填寫的一模一樣!換言之,這對情侶都偷偷的為對方買了一組梳化作一個情人節的驚喜!既然我們了解到這本應是一個浪漫的愛情故事那麼我們就要做應該要做的事-偷偷的取消了其中一張訂單。


而我們的回應則是:Well, with ziinlife, everything is a surprise to be!

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