March 02, 2017


My personal moon

I know most of us when we look for something to decorate the walls in our apartments, we tend to go for the obvious choice of a framed drawing/painting/poster. Good idea for sure, but wouldn't it be nice to think outside the box and accessorize our homes with something a little special and more practical? 

Let's say, instead of placing a rectangle on your wall, how about something round? And instead of having it just an object on the wall with no particular function, how about something that has a little shelf space? Oh and what do you think about hidden geometric patterns that only show when being shone at? 

Meet Enlight Casement - a wall piece that has everything I've just mentioned.  Being a Ziinlife fangirl, I have currently acquired one of these and had it placed directly above my dining table. Every time I look up it looks as if there is a moon looking after me and on the moon there is a pot plant that provides me with just enough green to cheer up my day. I would stare at the geometric patterns as the dim light shines through it, for hours on end, only if I could. 

We as humans are known for many things, but never for our lack of imaginations. 







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