March 09, 2017


Into the cloud/ Let's play!

Many years ago when I was still a student, I watched a Thai film called "The Last Lives of the Universe", and felt deeply connected with the protagonists in the film. I'm not gonna go into details of the story but since then, I've become fascinated by the universe. The vastness, the uncertainties, the beauty...everything related to this mysterious outer space amazes me, and since I am unable to go into space, I satisfy my longing by collecting objects (from this planet) related to the universe. 

When I first heard of Cloud Cabinet, I was beyond happy. Not only does this cabinet serve its primary function as a storage of long items, its design also gets inspiration from the orbits in the universe. As an art lover, the Cloud Cabinet sounds just like my ultimate dream of a modern furniture piece. 

The cabinet itself is a representation of a tree that grows so high it reaches beyond the clouds and into the universe. My favorite part, nevertheless, is the design at the top of the cabinet that mimics the orbits in the universe. I can put my precious little objects in it and they will never fall off. 

Whereas gravity pulls everything together in space, thoughtful design is what we have that keeps our earthly lives in their right place and order.  

Cloud Cabinet comes in two sizes, and with the removable shelves, there are numerous arrangements of space available for your likings and of course, needs. 




No matter how fulfilling your life is, there are times it gets a little dull and boring. That's why we need to explore the fun and quirky sides of life from time to time. 

In our Playful Angles Collection, there is this one piece that is absolutely playful that even its name suggests that: the Capricious Wall Shelf

If you have followed us long enough, you know how much we love playing with curve lines and fitting them perfectly into our homes. Capricious Wall Shelf is another good example. It is not geometric like any other shelves, but curvy all the way. 

Capricious Wall Shelf is so capricious that, it doesn't want to be conventional! It has this attitude like it's shouting "don't tell me what to do!" all the time and it shows its mischievousness by exhibiting exactly that. 

Seriously, how awesome can a furniture be?




當第一次聽到 Cloud Cabinet,我喜出望外。不只是因為它提供了收納長物件的空間,更是因為它的設計靈感是源自繞星軌道。作為一個藝術愛好者,Cloud Cabinet 簡直是我夢中所憧憬的摩登家具。







在我們“The Playful Angles系列中,有一件物品可謂玩味性十足。如其名,它名為 Capricious Wall Shelf


如果你有留意著Ziinlife的動向,會發現我們對弧線情有獨鍾,並將它們完美契合於大家的住所。Capricious Wall Shelf 就是其中一個很好的例子。它並不甘於與其它置物架一樣遵守著刻板的幾何規則,而是選擇走上一條“彎曲“的路。

Capricious Wall Shelf是名實相副的任性,生來就注定跟傳統勃谿相向。就像有著自己的態度並會時刻說著類似“不要命令我做事!“的說話,沒錯,它就是一個完美的“淘氣“代言人。


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