July 02, 2016


Hi Everyone ! I am Ying !

What a lovely surprise to be!

People often said “You will learn everything on the job.” And now I know it's true. I’m a year 3 product design student just backed from a study term in North Europe. I could still remember the WOW feeling when I first entered the door of Ziinlife.

Many design brands out there try to express the meaning of simplicity, but if you carefully pondered, the difference of Ziinlife furniture is that they try to reveal the intention with fun and ingenuity to make you smile, the style which their product convey is a mix of North Europe style like HAY and Normann but blend with elements of Asia. They also emphasis on the natural texture of wood such like Oak, Beech and Birch and establish through the art of Chinese traditional wood joints.

If I have to describe the working culture of Ziinlife, it would be “Nordic Style”, which is cozy, flexible, focus, outspoken and efficient. Especially in meetings, all of us are encouraged to voice our ideas. Opinions are treated equally important regardless of ranks or departments.
When comparing with the average working hours in North Europe, we share similar hours of 6 to 8; however, working  fewer hours does not mean putting fewer efforts as we are highly focus at work. Our leader believes if one concentrates on a task, there is no need to work long hours.  
It's also an valuable experience to work with people from different professions, including business, marketing and graphic design, and learn to get things done as a team. Each of them is very out-spoken, supportive and with interesting personality.

We are recently working on the gift for the Grand Opening of the Kwun Tong showroom on 16/7/2016. We have came up with different ideas of implying wood into daily desk top items and we finally decided to design a practical accessory by using raw wood.

Hope to tell you more about the laughter of our everyday life and I dearly invite you to our showroom in Kwun Tong and give us a visit. I assure you that it would be a lovely surprise.

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July 05, 2016

Such an inspiring and refreshing message which tells a lot about the brand and the culture of Ziinlife! Keep up the good work!


July 04, 2016

what you do today can improve all your tomorrows. I can feel your happiness, keep working hard and make impossible possible

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