January 26, 2017


Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year from Ziinlife

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! 

Just as we finished celebrating one new year, and now Chinese New Year is already around the corner! First thing first, Ziinlife would like to wish everyone a prosperous, joyous and fruitful year to come! May all your best wishes come true :) 

So as new year is soon-approaching, we at Ziinlife are totally ready for another round of feasting and celebrating! Therefore, our showroom will be closed from January 28th to 31st. We’ll be back well-rested in the Year of Rooster! And don’t you just love the sound of the word “rooster” - the animal that represents the start of the day - so robust and energetic! In the old days, we’d wake up to the sound of a rooster; today, we know that this is the year we will start fresh and ready, and embrace whatever comes in our way. 

One of the things we’d like to bring to your attention when we come back, is our brand new collection, The Playful Angles. As the title suggests, it is a series of furniture that, apart from its marvellous functionality (yep I just praised myself, but no harm when that’s true right?), wants to engage users in a playful way. To be honest, don’t we all just love a little fun every now and then? So why not, let’s have some fun with our furniture! But how? That’s the part where you’re supposed to stay tuned with our latest blog updates, because when things are ready, we’re gonna tell you all about this series with all the juicy details. 

For now, let’s have some fun with our beloved friends and families, eat, laugh, and play until we meet again in the Year of the Rooster. x

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