August 11, 2017


Few useful tips to keep your furniture clean

It's always a challenge to clean a sofa that doesn't come with removable cover, especially when it is inevitable to get our beloved fabric sofa dirty. I can only imagine if you've got kids and pets, the scenario is even more inevitable. 

Fabric sofas, especially ones with the kind of up-scale materials that we love, are just so to resist! The soft texture and vibrant colors that only fabric is able to why we insist on purchasing fabric sofas despite the challenge of cleaning. 

But worry no more! I'm about to tell you a few tricks to clean a fabric sofa. 

I'm using light-colored cushion in this test to make the result more obvious. 

Test 1: CLEAN

  • 5 kinds of detergent, from left to right: 
  1. Textile from Italy
  2. 3M from USA
  3. Softcare from Finland
  4. Simplegreen from USA
  5. Dr. Bekeman from Germany
  • 8 kinds of dirt, from top to bottom: coffee, tea, red wine, soy sauce, milk, ketchup, and tabasco. 

As the result shows, a completely dry cushion after cleaning, still shows an obvious stain, especially tabasco, which is a highly penetrable, hard to remove condiment. I'm feeling a little upset now...

I totally got the unsettling feeling of using a fabric sofa that comes with no special protection! 

My recommendation: Simple Green and 3M. Besides tabasco, they work pretty well on removing stains. 

Test 2: PROTECT (Recommended)

  • 3 brands of detergent, from left to right: 
  1. Textile from Italy
  2. 3M Scotch Guard from USA
  3. Softcare from Finland

Spray any of these 3 protectors on the surface until it's moist. Best to spray two layers and allow 2-3 hours for it to air dry. Once it's dry, the surface looks and feels exactly the same as before. 

Let's have a look at how fun water looks in this test: 


Protector forms a water-proof layer on fabric's surface to keep water away. However if water does seep in the fabric, just quickly wipe the surface with a tissue paper and it'll be fine! 



Test of some usual colored substances: Red wine, tea, coffee, coke, milk, soy sauce, ketchup, and tabasco. 

We left these substances for over 5 minutes on the fabric surface, and then wiped them off with a tissue👇

Almost all the substances have been easily removed, except for tabasco, which leaves still a little bit of stain after the cleanse. 

We tried to remove the tabasco stain again, although it is not as clean as before it was contaminated, but compared to the surface that had no protector applied, it's still cleaner. 

A few suggestions for you: 

  1. You HAVE to use protectors. I tried, and can verify its usefulness. Most of the detergents in the tests show how hard it is to completely remove stains, no matter the kind. As for protector, 3M did the best job, and it's good for using on carpet as well. It is best to have 2 layers of spray on the surface, and get your sofa sprayed every 3 months. 
  2. Although protectors are able to keep your sofa clean, the abrasion from jeans can remove the protection layer so do keep that in mind. Also try NOT to leave tabasco or any greasy sauce on your sofa, even after it's been sprayed. 
  3. Wear a mask when you spray, and keep children and elderlies away! Maintain good ventilation so that the smell goes away quickly. 

So here are my two cents! If you have better ways of cleaning a fabric sofa, do share with us! Until then, try to keep your sofa as spotless as you can :) 



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