October 05, 2017




Having a pet at home has become a big part of life for many people; whether you live in a small apartment in big city like Hong Kong, or you live out in the countryside with lots of space to move around, it is nice to keep a good company like a lovely pet at home. 



Either way, I'm pretty sure most of pet owners face the same inevitable challenge - hairy hair. May your beloved pet be a dog, a cat, or a rabbit, they always leave behind a lot of hair like the most dominant trace of their adorable existence. Wherever they sit on, usually your couch, bed, or carpet, the area becomes a mini fur-land. 

每天看見可愛的寵物固然心情愉快,可是不能忽視與可愛一同奉上的毛毛問題。完全避免毛毛是mission impossible,不過坊間還是有不少減低影響的方法。各位愛pet如命的朋友們,在受盡外來毛髮困擾,該如何處理問題呢?

As much as you love your pets, you probably do not have the same passion for their hair. The frustration is real, and we should face the challenge and find ways to tackle it! 

There are several things you can do to keep pets' hair away. Being an owner, you'd sometimes find it extraordinary how much hair a pet drops per day. While it's almost impossible to avoid their hair, you want to still take some precautions and keep their hair impact at its minimum. 


First step in 'hair management' - prevention, prevention, prevention! Grooming your pet frequently is definitely a good way to keep their hair at bay, and vacuuming is also essential to get rid of hair at home and on furniture. Below is a list of items you can use to groom or remove/prevent hair: 

  • 膠手套:這是處理被毛毛困擾之傢具的最佳工具之一!便宜、容易買是它的特點,手套帶上手,一下搽在梳化之類的家具上,毛毛蕩然無存,不妨一試!

    Rubber gloves: this is probably one of the more popular ways to deal with pet hair on furniture and/or fabric. You simply put a pair of rubber gloves on and rub on the furniture in one direction, and watch the fur ball grow! This method is so effective that about 98% of hair can be picked up on first wipe! 

  • 乾海綿:它們也是隨手可得的工具之一,乾濕兩用均可!
    Dry sponge: you can also use a dry sponge to pick up hair. And to make it even more effective, you can slightly damp the sponge before use. 
  • 梳化套、小:這是最直接了當的解決方法。
    Slip covers or blankets: an easiest way to prevent hair on your furniture is to place a cover over the surface, so that you can exchange for a new cover each time it gets hairy/messy. Also, just like bed covers, you get to choose a pattern and color you like and change it all the time, so it looks like you have new furniture :)
  • 一把好梳:面對不同毛髮面積的寵物,應該以不同的梳處理。例如厚毛髮可以用像古代種田用的犁頭般的梳來梳理,長毛髮就最好出動幾把不同梳頭的梳來打理。也有很多人喜歡使用連帶著梳的手套,好處在於能輕易梳理寵物毛髮之餘,也讓寵物感覺被人撫摸一樣,一舉兩得!
    A good brush: different types of brushes are designed for different level of hair density. For example, use a 'rake-like' brush for pets with an undercoat, and a combination of different brushes for long-haired pets. Gloves with a built-in brush are also very popular among pet owners because that make brushing feel like petting, therefore very enjoyable for your pets!
  • 有黏性的東西都可以,如普通封箱膠紙、膠紙捲棒等。
    Lint-roller and duck tapes: basically anything that sticks!
  • 微纖維毛巾:乾濕兩用,比一般棉質毛巾更能有效去除毛髮Micro-fiber cloth: use it damp or dry, either way it is a good tool for removing pet hair on furniture. 


Some people want a more direct way, and it can be from the every beginning: choosing your furniture! Essentially, leather surfaces don't attract hair much, but if you're a vegetarian, an environmentalist, or simply someone who does not find leather furniture appealing, this may not be a solution for you. 


Fabric is nice, and comes with a lot of varieties, but there are things you should keep in mind if you have a pet at home. 


Material/ fabric such as velvet and corduroy attract hair like crazy, you should notice how amazingly a velvet lint-roller works, and you'd want to turn away from these fabrics if you don't want your home turned into a hairy disaster. 



Silk and satan are the opposite of hair attraction but because of their delicate nature, they are not great to be around pets whose nail and teeth are sharp. Synthetic material such as spandex and nylon also repel hair but because they are prone to static cling, it's hard to remove hair from these materials if there's any. 



Fabrics that don't attract much hair, and do not go crazy on static are denim and wool/ acrylic. That being said, when you want to put a cover on your couch, you may go for a denim or a knitted one. Or if you're wearing jeans that day, you can be somewhat sure sharing your bed or sofa with your pet isn't going to turn into a mess later. 




There is no absolute best way to solve the messy pet hair situation, but if you know these tricks, they will make your life so much easier! 

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