February 09, 2017


A dinner set, what the mug?!

Last Saturday I hosted a dinner party at my place and invited a handful of friends to each bring their favourite dish to join. As everything was prepared and party ready to start, I realised one essential element was missing - a proper set of dinnerware. 

That’s when Peter Ting’s Flutter Collection came to mind. A 16-piece dinner set that features a conceptual depiction of flowers inside the silhouette of hummingbirds, inspiration of classic Chinese Hua Niao paintings. 

Imagine the excitement this dinner set can bring to your dining experience: the moment any delicious food of any culinary style is placed inside these well-made pieces by award-winning ceramic designer Peter Ting…it is almost like you are an artist turning your culinary experience into an artistic one, one where you’re invited to collaborate — using your imagination as well as your favourite food as your creative tool — an unique ‘painting’ around Peter’s work. 

What's even more exciting is the price of this 16-piece dinner set you're gonna hear: $719. So, what are you waiting for? 

Another set I’d like to talk about is the We Love Mug City set created by fashion designer Hannah Chan. Instead of a wide range of dinnerware, Hannah brings us this lovely collection of mugs featuring illustrations of her favourite cities: Hong Kong, New York, Paris and London. Vibrant as the cities are, her illustrations show the distinctiveness and energy each city represents. 

An entire set of mugs for $299, a special offer you can only find at Ziinlife. 

Never underestimate the impact your everyday object can bring you, because simply, everything is a lovely surprise to be!



當刻,由Peter Ting 所設計的Flutter Collection 頓時在腦中閃現-一套十六件,有著同一主題的餐具套裝。其獨有之處是每一件餐具都印有以不同種類花瓣所描繪出的蜂鳥剪影;兼工帶寫,形態逼真。而設計靈感則源於中國古代著名的花鳥墨畫。

試想像一下該套餐具所能為你帶來的官能體會:一份別具風格的甘美食物,放置於獲得陶器設計獎項的設計師,Peter Ting所悉心打造的精緻餐具的一刻...彷彿自己亦成為了一位文藝師,並將用餐體會轉化成其藝術的一部份-被邀請共同創造的一部份-運用你的想像以及對自己最有感覺的美食作為創作的工具-一件圍繞著peter創作的獨有工藝品。


另一套我想提及的作品是由時尚設計師Hannah Chan所設計的We Love Mug City套裝。她所帶來的並不是一系列的廚具餐品,取之是一套四隻動人的瓷杯套裝,各自分別印有她所偏愛的城市圖景:香港、紐約、巴黎、倫敦。作品不單展現出每座城市的獨特風采,更令人感受到城市所散發出的蓬勃朝氣。



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