February 17, 2017


A box and a couch

If you have been paying attention to our social media, you might have noticed our new collection 'The Playful Angles' - if not, I'll be talking about it from now on ;) 

'The Playful Angles' consists of 8 pieces of functional and playful furniture that can put a smile on your face. And trust me when I say this because, I'm a picky (Virgo) user myself. 

First off, the Handy Box. At first glance, Handy Box may just look like any other book stand to you, but when you look closer you can see the curvy hollow shape of a handle that looks a little like a cucumber (or banana?). What's so special about this handle is that it is designed to fit our grips in a way that whether you want to lift it up or lower it down, the motion involved will feel so smooth that in your head you'd be thinking something along the line of 'heavy objects ain't no thing' or 'I'm super strong'. In short, it's a box that makes you feel good about your physique.

If you're thinking 'that's it?!' about the coolness of Handy Box, I'd kindly ask you to literally change the orientation of your imagination! What if we place the box sideway, could it become a compact sofa-side table with STORAGE? Yes it can! All you need is a few of the Handy Boxes, stack 'em up, and voila! Your very own DIY table/storage/coolness all in one! I kid you not, sometimes surprises are that simple and handy

Handy Box from Playful Angles Collection by Ziinlife Modern Furniture

Now that we have the 'table/storage' in place, I think it's only necessary that we add a sofa next to it. And pardon my straight-forwardness, but how many of you lonely peeps spent the past Valentine's Day alone (and being totally 'poison')? Although we should all agree that a 'love life' is very overrated, there are times we crave for a little comfort, especially at the end of a long, hard day at work. But when there is not a shoulder to lean on, there is us. No *cough* I didn't just invite you to lean on MY or any of my coworker's shoulders, but on our new design - the Turtleneck Sofa. 

Comes in three sizes and colors, Turtleneck Sofa has an extendable collar that can be lifted up to hold an extra cushion, allowing you to rest your entire body and mind. Whether you're home alone, chilling with your bae, having friends over for movies or whatnot, Turtleneck Sofa always has your back (literally!) and you know it. 

Turtleneck Sofa from Playful Angles Collection by Ziinlife Modern Furniture 如果你有留意Ziinlife的Facebook或者Instagram,你應該會發現我們的最新傢俱系列-角度的想象力。倘若沒有,就讓我藉此向你們正式介紹 ;)


讓我們先由The Handy Box巧曲收納盒開始。咋眼一看,你會以為它跟一般的書立沒有任何區別。細看之下,你會留意到它的邊緣旁有個彎曲的空位作把手,形狀像根小黃瓜(或香蕉?)。再當你緊握把手時會發現它的獨特之處更是無論將盒子提起它還是放下,手感都是一流,一流得「會視沉重的東西如無物」,或者會覺得自己「強壯非凡」。簡單來說,Handy Box是一件能讓人自我感覺良好的小傢俱。

如果你認為Handy Box除此之外就沒有其他特別之處,我會建議您嘗試一改常規思維!試想想,當我們將幾個Handy Box疊在一起,放在梳化旁邊,它不正正就成為一個具備存放功能的茶几嗎!一件完完全全屬於你的DIY家品,集茶几/存放/格調於一身!驚喜,有時就來自簡約,輕巧。

茶几準備好了,欠的就是身旁的一張梳化。原諒我的直接,請問前天有多少人是獨(毒)自渡過一個人的情人節?雖然我們同意「愛情生活」有時被誇張美化,但不能否認我們有些時都會希望透過愛情得到一點心靈撫慰,特別是剛渡過一個冗長又辛勞的工作日。可是當身旁沒有一個肩搏予以倚靠時,你會想起我們嗎?先不要打哆喙,我並不是邀請你輕倚在我的或者其他同事的肩搏上,而是我們的全新設計 -The Turtleneck Sofa 高領梳化。

除了提供三種顏色及三種尺寸的自主選擇,Turtleneck Sofa 還有一個可延伸的領套。將它朝上翻起,把靠枕放入其中;讓自己的身驅完全仰仗於此,能令你的身心得到充分休息,且使當天的倦怠一掃而空。無論你是獨處家中,抑或跟你的寶貝在一起,或者是跟三五知己共渡美好時光,只要坐在我們的Turtleneck Sofa,相信你們都會感受到它在身後所給予的默默支持。

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