May 20, 2016


No More Macaron!


The first time we met Zhang Ke, we were so young and inexperienced. We did not even have a proper showroom, only showing our furniture in a little space, but with boldness and courage.

Zhang Ke, the well-respected architect in China and worldwide, was the first Chinese architect in China invited to design furniture and home ware for famous Italian manufacturing brands like Moroso and Alessi. It is with great honor and surprise that we have this opportunity to work with Zhang, and we are thankful for his continued support and faith in us ever since we met.

We never thought that we would have a chance to cooperate with different masters in the architecture scene because of “The Gallery Plan”. It is delightfully unexpected that a master such as Zhang, known to be tight and rigorous, to design such an adorable and delicate sofa chair for Ziinlife.



The No More Macaron sofa chair, named after it’s inspiration by the delicious French dessert macaron, has rounded soft arms and back, and comes in two signature pastel colors. The chair is designed to be extremely comfortable whilst bringing a touch of cuteness into all kinds of gatherings and conversations.


The sofa chair was designed prior to 2016, yet the two pastel colors Zhang selected for their light and calming qualities, happen to be similar to the Pantone Colors of the Year 2016—Rose Quartz and Serenity. Together, the two colors express a sense of balance, and the interior space’s inherent connection to people’s wellness and sense of order.


Soft but not too soft, and offering just enough support, the addictive macaron sofa chair is exquisitely designed so you will want to spend hours in it relaxing or working. Equipped with friendly rounded arms and comforting cushioned back, it is designed for you to rest your tired hands and back after long hours of work.


Ziinlife believes in making quality design furniture affordable and accessible, hoping to share them with more design lovers. Working with Zhang is truly inspiring, where we are constantly reminded to uphold our original intentions to make furniture “more friendly to the public”. From Zhang Ke and Ziinlife comes a piece that expresses both our values, the No More Macaron sofa chair.


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