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五種空間放大術,蝸居原來可以這樣設計?| 5 Tips on how to maximize your small space

by Virtue Media Limited Collaborator |



As Hong Kongers, we all dream about making our homes the ultimate comfort zone. But the reality is that space is limited and it’s pretty difficult to achieve. By choosing well-designed furniture and filling your space with bright colors you can create a cozy home. Follow these five simple tips to learn more.


一、明亮的色調 |  1. Bright Tones


Add bright tones into your home will give the effect of a larger room. Choose white or other light colored walls to open up your space. When natural light peeks through the windows, the bright walls will emit a soft and relaxing glow. Take a look at the photos below, does the space on the left or the right appear larger?



二、簡約的風格 |  2. Simplify


Simple, minimalist design choices will create a comforting atmosphere. Scandinavian design is a great source of inspiration for maximizing small spaces. Scandinavian designed furniture is characterized by minimalism and functionality. Along with the use of clean lines, a combination of highly saturated colors and neutral tones complete this look. Fill your space with furniture and decor that follow this type of style and you’ll be well on your way to building a comfortable home.



三、收納巧思 |  3. Smart Storage


With small spaces, it’s important to utilize every inch you have available. Having the proper amount of storage will eliminate unnecessary clutter. Instead of buying bulky storage cabinets, look for furniture with hidden storage.



The Sid Drawer Sofa is the perfect storage solution. This two-seater is just the right size for lounging in and has a hidden drawer!

Sid Drawer Sofa 是最佳的收納沙發選擇,兩座位的沙發有隱藏的櫃桶。


四、多功能傢具 |  4. Multi-functional Furniture


Every piece must be practical and should have dual-purpose. Choosing practical furniture can save a lot of space and prevent your home from feeling crowded. For example, folding tables and sofa beds are great choices. They can bend, fold, and be stored away when not in use.




Tree Folding Table 可以是放上裝飾物點綴空間,搖身一變亦可以是私人咖啡室。

The Tree Folding Table can be converted from an accent table, to a dining table for two. It can also be folded for compact storing.




Recess Sofa Bed 沙發床日間可以是辦公桌、小餐桌,晚上化身小客房,化去了小空間的尷尬。

The Recess Sofa Bed is a great solution for a small studio space. It seamlessly converts from a sofa during the day to a bed at night.


五、開放式空間 |  5. Open up your space


Unnecessary walls take up a lot of room and can make the space feel visually smaller. Open concept layouts feel a lot more spacious. Instead of separating your rooms with walls, easily separate your living room and dining room with furniture like an open bookshelf or cabinet





Another great option is to use an open clothes rack or a mirror instead of a wardrobe. Hanging clothes on open hangers saves space and is a great way to showcase your favorite pieces!



 五、一點傢具、一點植物,勾勒空間新印象 | 5. Plants!




Add some life to your space! Bringing in fresh, green plants not only adds lively accents but also has great health benefits. Plus, plants naturally purify the air! Choose smaller plants to place on coffee tables or window sills. You can even use them to decorate your walls to add a touch of life to your space. If you have a dark space, liven it up with bright colored flowers for a fresh look.





Now that you're equipped with all of this knowledge, go on and decorate your home! You deserve it!


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