June 26, 2016


Good Design always comes with “followers”

Good Design always comes with “followers”

You always know it’s a good design when there are “followers” taking it as a reference and recreating the design into something “new”. We were recently surprised and thrilled to see that a world-known Japanese homewares brand (hint: the brand's name starts with a F) has products that are possibly inspired by Ziinlife’s sofa collections. It is interesting to see how their designs highly resemble our sofa collections, but with the smallest twists have made the biggest difference.


While they may have used Ziinlife’s Huggy Sofa as a design reference, there’s quite a huge distinction between the two, such as the shape. Their version is similar to most of the sofas that you find in the market. What makes Ziinlife’s Huggy Sofa so unique is its slightly irregular shape, a unique form you can’t forget after seeing it. The other brand only offers two color choices, whereas Ziinlife provides a wide range of carefully selected warm color tones to allow you to decorate your homes with many possibilities. In addition, the Huggy Sofa is made with quality fabric material to ensure that the sofa becomes a home staple whilst adding a comfortable and pleasant touch.

Our Sid Drawer Sofa also seems to have inspired the design of their sofa. Upon first glance, there seems to be an incredible resemblance to our design, yet the small twists have also altered our careful considerations. Ziinlife’s Sid Drawer Sofa not only has a stylish look with minimalist Scandinavian design, but also has a multi-functional feature with a drawer at the bottom. The hidden storage space can definitely help tidy up your home. These kinds of design considerations are exactly what separate Ziinlife from other brands, because no matter how similar the designs may look, its the little details that make a big difference.


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